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About the Community [07 Feb 2006|01:51pm]

This is a community for open-minded, encouraging, knowledge-seeking pro-choice mothers to share information on parenting, ask questions, and discuss different viewpoints on various parenting subjects.

It's about being open to other mothers views whether you support them or not here you are entilted to your opinions.

This community supports assistance of any kind you will not be judged if you are receiving assistance.

People of all beliefs are welcome here, but please keep in mind the community's pro-choice stance while

The number one rule at Mother_Choice is No taking inside content to another forum for snarking purposes. If a member has been found to snark another member intentionally from inside posts they will be banned without return, no questions asked no exceptions.

There's no such thing as TMI or stupid questions.

Debates are welcome and will not be frowned upon because every mother has an opinion and is allowed to express it.
All topics, rants and stories are welcome.
All posts are to be made friends only please.
Please use an lj-cut if more than 1 picture is being posted

This is a moderated community.
Any questions concerns or remarks email the Mod(s)If you do not get accepted at Mothers_choice then there
is a reason behind it, we do not have to justify that.
If you are not open-minded and don't agree with the rules
please don't join.
All members that are new must post a salute of themselves with their user-name * a must have*. This controls the troll population

No trolling- This is a safe spot for mothers. If someone is suspected of trolling they will be put on a 3 day ban until it is cleared up with all members.
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